A Little Goes a Long Way

Here at The Cadouxdle Dance Studio we a few Studio wide super simple fitness routines that we do in most of our dance team and fitness classes.  Even if you don’t have time for a full workout a couple of these a day can go a long way.

Before trying, check with your doctor to see what kind of exercise is right for you!

50 Releves Everyday


Rising up and down on your toes while squeezing all the muscles in your legs is really nice for your calves.  Just make sure to put an even amount of weight on all your toes and take a nice stretch when you are through.

Daily Port de Bras


Bring the arms from fifth(shown above) to first ( same shape,  up down in front of you) for a great burn in the backs of the shoulders and arms.  The part that makes this affective is always pressing down the shoulders and lifting the elbows.

Keep it Classic


Planks and crunches are popular for a reason!  Pick a number or length of time that is challenging for you and bump it up every couple of weeks!

Back to Ballet Fashion

The studio boutique is all stocked up with fun extras to add to your classic Cadouxdle uniform!  Whether you are taking jazz or ballet we have the looks to match!

Also did you know from now until September 6 th 2017 you receive a free pair of tights when you refer a friend who signs up for fall classes?  Refer two friends and get 10.00 to spend at the boutique ( not to be used online or in the gift shop) !



Add some girly touches to your uniform with this new pull on ballet skirt that comes in Cadouxdle Blue!  This classic black wrap sweater is perfect for fall and winter, and all your shoes can fit right into your Cadouxdle tote bag!

Sweater 30.00, Skirt 15.00, bag 20.00



Keep it colorful by layering these spandex shorts over your Leo for jazz class paired with this bold dance tank.  Bonus!  The bag has a label for your name!

shorts 15.00, bag 5.00, tank 25.00


Baby ballerina

Because iys all about the tutu right?  Make your little ones dancer dreams come true with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of tulle!

tutu 20.00


Dreamy Dancer

Transition gacefully from the street to the studio with this knit sweater shorts, and ballet tunic. Add a touch of drama with this beautiful swan lake tote!

shorts 30.00, tunic 28.00, tote 24.00



The Cadouxdle Dance Studio is featured in Ingenue Magazine this month!

Everyone knows movement and exercise are important. We know at least that we are supposed to take good care of our bodies, eat healthy, and sweat every now and again. Yoga is different though. It’s about more than strengthening, stretching, and meditating. There’s a lot to it. There are yoga postures and ways of breathing that can. See the rest at http://www.ingenuezine.wordpress.com


Recital Season: tips for students

Here are some tips on how to perform in your best most stress free recital so far.

The weeks before the show
Listen to your song(s).  I know you have heard your performance songs a million times by now, but just listening to the song (without actually dancing) and visualizing yourself performing perfectly, can help to calm you and improve your actual performance the day of the show.

A few days before the show
Make a list of things you may need to gather before the show such as bobby pins, first aid kit, extra tights, sowing kit, stage make up and so on.  You may feel more relaxed knowing all your things are ready to go.
The morning of
Be sure to have an energizing breakfast, and bring mess free snacks with you.  You may want to avoid chocolate, coffee, or anything with caffeine to keep your jitters down.   Don’t forget a water bottle or 2!

Right before the show
Get to the venue early to get comfortable with your back stage area, and maybe even squeeze in a last minute informal run through your dances with some of your friends.

Best of luck, don’t forget to have fun 🙂
Almost Showtime

April Showers Bring Tutus and Flowers

Through out the month of April, we have been having a great time at the studio with our ballet strength class. This class is o[pen to anyone age 10 and up now dance experience needed.  This is a fun class for all who attend, and you can try your first class for free.
Coming in May we will be introducing new classes includeing “Princess Lessons” and “Imagination and Movement” for preschool age children.  We hope you join us at The Cadouxdle Dance Studio where we will dance hapilly ever after.  il_570xN.624571252_af1g