Recital Season: tips for students

Here are some tips on how to perform in your best most stress free recital so far.

The weeks before the show
Listen to your song(s).  I know you have heard your performance songs a million times by now, but just listening to the song (without actually dancing) and visualizing yourself performing perfectly, can help to calm you and improve your actual performance the day of the show.

A few days before the show
Make a list of things you may need to gather before the show such as bobby pins, first aid kit, extra tights, sowing kit, stage make up and so on.  You may feel more relaxed knowing all your things are ready to go.
The morning of
Be sure to have an energizing breakfast, and bring mess free snacks with you.  You may want to avoid chocolate, coffee, or anything with caffeine to keep your jitters down.   Don’t forget a water bottle or 2!

Right before the show
Get to the venue early to get comfortable with your back stage area, and maybe even squeeze in a last minute informal run through your dances with some of your friends.

Best of luck, don’t forget to have fun 🙂
Almost Showtime

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