A Little Goes a Long Way

Here at The Cadouxdle Dance Studio we a few Studio wide super simple fitness routines that we do in most of our dance team and fitness classes.  Even if you don’t have time for a full workout a couple of these a day can go a long way.

Before trying, check with your doctor to see what kind of exercise is right for you!

50 Releves Everyday


Rising up and down on your toes while squeezing all the muscles in your legs is really nice for your calves.  Just make sure to put an even amount of weight on all your toes and take a nice stretch when you are through.

Daily Port de Bras


Bring the arms from fifth(shown above) to first ( same shape,  up down in front of you) for a great burn in the backs of the shoulders and arms.  The part that makes this affective is always pressing down the shoulders and lifting the elbows.

Keep it Classic


Planks and crunches are popular for a reason!  Pick a number or length of time that is challenging for you and bump it up every couple of weeks!

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