Dream Team

Catrina Ledoux

Studio Directer/Founder

Miss Catrina began dance lessons at age 5 in styles including jazz, ballet, and lyrical. She grew to perform with her studio’s company team at local venues including Hampton Beach and Greely Park. At age 12 Catrina became an assistant dance teacher and decided that she would like to be a dance instructor one day. At age 15 she founded The COOL Kids Dance Team as a volunteer teacher and choreographer at the church she attended and remained team leader for 11 years. After becoming a music and movement teacher at local childcare centers from 2014-present, and teaching at various fitness and dance studios in NH and MA from 2014-2017, Catrina opened The Cadouxdle Dance Studio in 2016, and she danced happily ever after.

Miss Catrina also enjoys working as a princess/mermaid performer and party host for Everlasting Characters and Events and being a haunted house actress at Canobie Lake Park. Other hobies include photography, drawing, hiking, and she also enjoys taking aerial hoop lessons.

Joselyne Simonson

Assistant Preschool dance teacher in training/Sub

Miss Joselyne started dancing at The Cadouxdle Dance Studio in 2019. As a child, she danced for several years in ballet, tap and jazz styles. Miss Joselyne performed in musical/non-musical theater through her life. She was one of the original members of the Peacock Players and preformed with them at The American Stage Festival for five years. Miss Joselyne was part of a singing and dance troupe in high school, preforming with regional star, Judy Pancoast, as one of the original Kid Pop kids. Curently Miss Joselyne enjoys tap, lyrical, jazz and ballet and recently started learning to hula hoop!

Miss Joselyne also has extensive experience in working with children. She has taught musical theater at the elementary school level. She is excited to return to teaching and hopes to impress her body positive philosophy upon children: it’s not about what your body looks like, it’s what your body can do.

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