Our Studio

Our bright and sunny dance classroom is fully stocked with magical props for teaching our young dancers, and wide open for our “big girls” to run and jump and spin!


As a parent of a dancer at The Cadouxdle Dance Studio, you wont have to miss out on a single magical moment of your child’s class.  You can have a front row seat to see your favorite dancer each week!  Pull up a chair, grab a cup of provided coffee, and get your camara ready!  #cadouxdledance
Our parent veiwing area overlooks the dance classroom, alowing children to be indapendant and focussed in class, while still knowing you are right there cheering them on.


Our parent veiwing area is bright, sunny, and fully stocked with magazines all while provideing a great veiw of the dance classroom.


Our kids corner is a great place for dancers’ sibblings to hang out during class as well as a great way for dancers to grow friendships before after or between classes.  Coloring books included!


Unpon entering The Cadouxdle Dance Studio you will find our front desk where you can find all the latest information on whats going on at the studio.


Near the front desk we have a lovely offering of dance, yoga, and fairytale gifts for sale at a range of prices.  The gift shop is proudly powered by Josh’s Toys & Games.


The required studio uniform of a light blue leotard and tan tights, is also found in the gift shop.  Optional extras are also avalible.  Required dance shoes can be ordered to the studio upon request.